Business & Investor Visa Plans 

Investor visa application requirements generally include a business plan. The basic idea is that you wish to migrate to the country and acquire residence and citizenship in consideration of investment. The plan is to ensure that the applicant has a legitimate interest in making investments in the country that the authorities emphasize on a well-drafted business plan – a plan that outlines where, where, and how you will invest. Thus, you must not take the drafting of the plan lightly if you wish to have your application cleared.

The overall composition of the plan will vary depending on what kind of investment you wish to make under the program.. Here are a few things to consider while drafting the business plan.

  1. Understand the market
    You decide to invest in a foreign country and propose a business model. One of the key aspects of a good business model is the assessment of the relevant market. In your business plan, say, you wish to come up with a set of services that are popular in your country. Your business plan should, show comprehensively lay out the market analysis.
  2. The organizational structure
    Without an organizational structure, your business plans will just remain plans. Your position in the company will have to be clearly stated as well as the other members of the company. Other things such as the headquarters of the company, the board of directors, structural divisions in the company, what the appointment process will be, and how the company will participate in the growth of the economy will also have to be provided. Your ideas need to have a shape, and the organizational structure is a step towards it.
  3. Legal requirements to be met
    It is expected from you that you undertake thorough research on the legal requirements for establishing and managing a business in the country of migration. In the business plan, you should consider keeping a segment specifically for legal requirements. Enumerate the rules and regulations that apply to your business. In case there are permits or licenses to be acquired, then you must mention them. A detailed note on the legal requirements will indicate to the authorities that you know what it takes to carry out a business in the country of migration. Also, honesty goes a long way, so in the case of any permission which you are yet to take with regards to the business, you must mention the same along with documentary proof that the process is underway.
  4. The contribution of the business
    In most investor visas, one of the requirements you will find is the contribution of the business to the local economy. Will have to ensure that your business plan provides adequate information about the steps to meet those requirements, how much time it will take to produce the desired effects, and what the follow-up plans will be. Investor visas are issued to attract investments and provide much-needed economic impetus. If the business you are proposing does not have the potential to produce notable results, then it is a waste of your and the country’s efforts.
  5. Estimates of cost and so on
    A theoretical business model is not good; authorities look for facts, research-backed estimates, and quantifiable outcomes. You will have to provide income estimations. Taking into account everything that goes into your business, you should consider providing detailed, calculated data on how much the business may potentially incur in losses, what may potentially be the profits, and how much capital the business may require from time to time. .
Composition of Start-Up Visa Business Plans
  • Executive Summary
  • Product and Services Description
  • Description of the Business and Revenue Model
  • Business/Operations Strategy
  • Feasibility/Viability Analysis
  • Financial Model
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Innovation Analysis
  • Scalability Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy and Mix
  • Management Team
  • Financials
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