The UK Standard Visitor Visa has replaced the previous Business Visitor Visa, alongside with several UK visa types. Persons who wish to travel to the UK for business, for short-term can apply for this visa. The UK is one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Its role in the global economy makes it one of the top destinations for businesspersons from across the world. In order to visit the UK for business, you need to apply for the Standard Visitor Visa. This is a 6-month visa which you can apply to up to 3 months before you travel. The UK business visa is a one-time or longer-term visa that allows holders to stay in the UK for up to 6 months at a time. The main activities that a businessperson visiting the UK on a Standard visitor visa can perform are as follows:

  • Attend meetings, conferences, seminars, interviews within the UK.
  • Give a non-commercial non-profitable one-off or short series of talks and speeches.
  • Negotiate and sign deals and contracts.
  • Attend trade fairs, for promotional work only, provided the visitor is not directly selling.
  • Carry out site visits and inspections.
  • Gather information for their employment overseas.
  • Be briefed on the requirements of a UK based customer, provided any work for the customer is done outside of the UK
  • Personal details
  • Salary and financial details
  • Travel itinerary and travel history
  • Proof that you can fund your stay adequately
  • Proof that you can pay for your air travel to and from the UK
  • Proof that you will leave the UK at the end of the visit
  • Proof of the business activities you will be doing in the UK
Fees for UK Business VISA

The fees of the UK Business VISA depends on the length of the VISA you’re here to apply for. Take a look at the following table which enlists the amounts that need to be submitted for varied standard visitor visas:


UK Business VISA fee

Standard Visitor Visa (validity: 6 months)

£93 (INR 8.621)

Long term Standard Visitor Visa (validity: up to 2years)

£350 (INR 32,438)

Long term Standard Visitor visa (Validity up to 5 years)

£636 (INR 58,960)

Long term Standard Visitor visa (Validity up to 10 years)

£798 (INR 73,979)

Additional fee to make a decision within 5 working days

£212 (INR 19,653)

Additional fee to have a decision within a day

£956 (INR 88,629)

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be able to financially support yourself for the duration of your visit.
  • You must meet the authorities’ basic health requirements.
  • You must have a legal invitation from a legitimate company in the country with whom you are/will conduct business.

Requirements for the UK business visa

In order to apply for the visa, you must prove that you:

  • Will leave the UK at the end of your visit
  • Can support yourself and any dependents for the duration of your trip
  • Will be able to pay for your return or onward journey and any other costs relating to your visit
  • Have proof of any business or other activities you want to do in the UK, as allowed by the Visitor regulations
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